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What is the Paris Metro Pass? also named 'Paris Visite' and is it the best option to cover my travel needs while visiting Paris? Paris area is divided into zones, which ones do I need? How about using just single tickets instead?

You will find all answers on this webpage. Paris Metro Pass provides unlimited FREE rides on the transport system of the Ile-de-France region including the safe and efficient Metro, RER (regional express trains), bus (to see Paris from the window of a Parisian bus) and more.

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Paris Metro Pass


Since 1997, is the official historic worldwide dealer: the only place online with 16 different ready to use passes available for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, 3 or 5 zones, adult and child.  All prices include taxes and services, there are no hidden costs!

  • Delivery is available to your hotel in Paris or to your home worldwide. Delivery to a pickup location in Paris is possible if you are renting an apartment or staying at a hostel. We can deliver to apartments that offers standard hotel reception services
  • Including Free Paris street/metro/bus map
  • Free unlimited access to our Language Lesson Center to learn some French.

Using the Paris Visite travel card, you will be able to use all the public transport services in Paris. It is the best way to get around the city. This metro pass consists of a simple ticket, no photo required.
It provides FREE travel rides in Paris (with no limit) on the transport system including Metro, RER (regional express trains), bus, tramway, suburban Transilien SNCF trains, Montmartre funicular, Noctambus, Optile bus system and Montmartrobus.


"Easy way to travel around Paris and not having to line up for tickets was great. Using the Metro and RER was an experience for the kids and saved many hours of walking." - Michelle A, Canada.


What is the Paris Metro Pass?

With Paris metro pass, also known as Paris Visit pass, you will be able to use all the public transport services in Paris for free with no limits. It is available in four versions, valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days, starting any day of the week.

It is valid starting on the day you first use it, not from the date of purchase or delivery, for the specified number of consecutive days. Select a pass matching the length of your stay and the places you want to visit.

What about Zones with Paris Metro Pass

  • Zones 1 to 3 include the entire city of Paris (1 to 20 arrondissements) and the nearby suburbs like La Defense or Saint-Denis Basilique
  • Zones 1 to 5 include Paris and the surrounding area; popular destinations like Versailles Castle, Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airports, Disneyland® Resort Paris at Marne la Vallée

Check the zones on the Paris area map below


Paris Metro Pass: how to use it

Once you're ready to use your pass, then fill in your name and the date of first use on the ticket. Don't do it too much in advance if you're not sure of when you're going to start to use it. RATP staff are entitled to verify your metro pass at any time. You wil insert your pass in turnstyles that will return it back to you to enter Metro stations while you will only show it to bus drivers.

The pass also includes discounts and savings at selected places in addition to your included Free Privilege Discounts. To learn more about the special offers available for Paris Visite metro pass holders, see the FAQ tab above.

Is it worth buying Paris Metro Pass?

What about using single tickets instead? If you're going to use public transportation just a couple of times a day then yes, single tickets would do fine. Paris metro pass gives the comfort of not having to wait in line to get tickets from machines and to travel with no worries about how many tickets needed/left, etc... Do you only need Paris metro tickets you will find them here.

Do you need to order more than 20 passes? Contact us for Universities/Groups special conditions.

Paris Metro detailed PDF maps

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from Metairie
United States

Always 1st class service

Reviewed on 16 Apr. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

This is the third time that I'm using Justring (Conciergerie before) and I can say that their service is always top notch, helpful and friendly. Martin is courteous and so knowledgeable when it gets to help with Paris matters. It feels good to know that while in the plane, there won't be any stress on arrival. My friend Catherine Wilson and family are visiting Paris next month and you can be sure that I will recommend you guys. Merci, you're the best!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Oh la la Karen! What a nice review, thank you so much, it's always a pleasure to serve you. Please ask Catherine to contact me before placing her order. Thank you!
from Jefferson City
United States

As expected

Reviewed on 04 Apr. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

I was very pleased with this service, no hassle, we've got our passes delivered to our hotel as expected and could use them right away waiting for our room to be ready. Highly recommended, worth every penny.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you very much Vickie, much appreciated!
from Santa Rosa
United States


Reviewed on 12 March 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

We received from Justring staff the advices to select the right passes for our needs because I must say that we were a little confused. Passes worked fine, not a single problem starting from exact on time delivery to our hotel in Latin quarter area. We added the rer train roundtrip tickets to get to Versailles castle, again, easy use to get there and return. Thank you!

from Düsseldorf

Loved it

Reviewed on 19 Feb. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

Didn't want to bother with getting tickets myself, we had only 48 hours (one day of work included). This service was recommended to me by a friend as reliable and cheap and I will use it again. Vielen dank.

from Moscow
Russian Federation


Reviewed on 15 Feb. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

Excellent service, delivery on time, ready to use pass, I recommend.

from Virserum

Thank you!

Reviewed on 29 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

I asked my travel agent to get me travel metro passes for immediate use while arriving in Paris because of lack of time. I must say that my last experience with staff at a ticket booth in Paris was really the last one, sometimes it's just better to deal only with machines... Anyway, my travel agent point me at this website they were working with since a long time and I must say that I was impressed with the ease of ordering process and got my passes at home in Sweden a few days later. From now, I will use this service for my needs and my staff since you're covering more cities. Keep up the good work, you deserve this good review from me as a new member!


Reply from Concierges Desk

That's what we can call a very nice review! Thank you very much for taking the time to write your comments. We'll be very pleased to serve you and your staff again in the future. Thanks to you and to your travel agency, we know the one you're talking about, thank you Thilda!
from Sofala

Delivered on time

Reviewed on 19 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

This website has been fantastic about pointing me in the right direction with Paris zones because we were staying right outside Paris border. Not to mention the kindness of staff behind their keyboards and the delivery that was done to our hotel right on time, just impressive, thank you guys.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you very much for your feedback. It was a real pleasure to first help you then serve you!
from Northampton
United Kingdom

From C S

Reviewed on 17 Dec. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

Easy as pressing a button. Everything as described.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you very much!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • QuestionHow can I use the Paris metro pass for airport transfer?
  • Answer: Yes, in this case we can deliver them to your home by express courrier service but you must know that this is not convenient at all if you have a lot of luggage: We've seen people stuck in the metro because they could not get their luggage through turnstiles. You may wish to take Paris shuttle instead and order 1 to 3 zones passes.

  • QuestionAre Versailles castle, the airports, and Disneyland included in 5 zone passes?
  • Answer: Absolutely, all these destinations are located within the 5 zone area.

  • QuestionWhat if I only need to get to Versailles during my stay?
  • Answer: Then the round trip RER Paris to Versailles ticket is the perfect add-on to a 3 zones passes.

  • QuestionWhat are the advantages of ordering passes online?
  • Answer: First, reduce stress and don't waste your time, most metro station employees do not speak English and a lot of stations do not have any staff but machines that do not sell those passes. Second, the passes are delivered to Paris by courier service a few days prior to your arrival, just waiting for you (delivery guaranteed). Third, you get 30 days free access to French lessons and Conciergerie Privilege Discount Card, voila!

  • QuestionCan I use a three-day pass on Monday, then again on Thursday?
  • Answer: No, Paris metro pass is valid for consecutive days only, beginning with the first day you use them (not from the date of purchase or delivery), they don't have dates printed on them. For example, if you start to use them at 5:00 PM then first day of usage will end at midnightnot next day at 5:00 PM.

  • QuestionWhat if the hotel doesn't have our envelope?
  • Answer: If there's a problem, it's resolved very fast since delivery is tracked to the destination. A toll-free number is listed on your order confirmation for assistance in English.

  • QuestionWhat else comes along with the passes?
  • Answer: A free Paris street/metro/bus map is included, 30 days free access to French lessons and the Conciergerie Privilege Discounts.

  • QuestionIs there a combined Museum/Transportation pass?
  • Answer: Yes, it's available here: Paris ComboPass®


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