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Choose the ComboPass® Premium Paris pass that matches your stay in Paris! Available in versions from two to six days, it includes unlimited use of all public transport, access to more than 50 attractions in Paris, and more!

It's the only pass covering your stay from 2 to 6 days at an unbeatable price. Thousands of ComboPass® Paris passes have been delivered to homes and hotels.

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ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass


You won't find Paris ComboPass® in Paris! is the only place you can buy these exclusive pass packages. And our bargain prices include all taxes, tips, and services, there are no hidden costs. Why is it so much cheaper than Paris Pass? Find out in FAQ section above. ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass is valid for consecutive days starting the day you first use it, not from the date of purchase or delivery. It may be used any time after purchase, so you can buy them in advance!

Paris ComboPass® Premium include passes for 2, 4 and 6 days. (For 3 and 5 day versions, look for details in the FAQ section)

  • FREE unlimited use of all the public transport inside Paris (Zones 1-3), unlimited access/cut the lines to 50+ museums and monuments, a Seine River cruise tour and a Paris street/metro/bus map.
  • Delivery is available to your hotel in Paris or to your home worldwide. Delivery to a pickup location in Paris is possible if you are renting an apartment or staying at a hostel. We can deliver to apartments that offers standard hotel reception services
  • Flexible Add-ons! available to adjust the pass to your exact needs like extending your metro pass to 3 or 5 days
  • For Children or Teen, see FAQ section for details
  • Free unlimited access to our Language Lesson Center to learn some French.

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"I'm very happy that I purchased the Paris ComboPass. I added on the On/Off Bus which we were so happy that I did. We used that a lot and it was a great way to see the city and get around. The pass was waiting for us at the hotel when we arrived. The pass made everything easier. We didn't have to wait in lines or worry about any additional purchases besides food and shopping." - Vanessa D. United States.

More than 200.000 passes  available for Members in 2016
Currently Free Hotel Delivery offered to Members!
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Paris ComboPass® Premium Includes

 Public Transportation  

The Paris Visite transportation pass provides unlimited FREE rides within 3 zones (Paris and inner suburbs) on all public transport, including the safe and efficient Metro, the RER (regional express trains), buses, the tramway, suburban SNCF trains, the Montmartre funicular, Montmartrobus, Noctambus, and the Optile bus system. The pass consists of a ticket to insert in turnstyles. Visitors often uses only the Metro, 
it's the best way to get around Paris!

 Free Access to More Than 50 Paris Attractions

There's no admission to pay to the permanent collections of participating museums and no limit to the number of times you can visit but please note that passes do not permet entry to temporary exhibits. Your pass includes access during 2, 4 or 6 days to more than 50 museums and monuments in the Paris region including Le Louvre.

No waiting in lines;  there may be unavoidable security queues at museums. This is the case at Notre-Dame Towers, Sainte Chapelle and Versailles where there's only one queue for entrance and security check.

Participating Museums inside Paris. For complete listing click: B

grn_chk.gif Included with Paris Museum Pass
Most famous ones, must see.

In the Paris Area

 Free Seine River Cruise

With frequent departures from the Eiffel Tower (no booking required), the crew will welcome you aboard for a one-hour cruise on one of the trimarans of the fleet. The boats are entirely glassed over, with an outside terrace at the stern and outside walkways, perfectly designed for exploring and admiring the architectural treasures of the capital from the unique viewpoint of the Seine. 

From April to September:

From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, every 30 minutes (except 1:00 PM and 7:30 PM: no departure - Last departure at 10:30 PM subject to a minimum number of participants). Weekends and weekdays in June, July and August: from 1:00 AM to 11:00 PM. On July 14th, due to the festivities, the last sightseeing cruise departure will take place at 3:00 PM.

From October to March:

From 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM, every hour (except 1:00 PM and 7:30 PM: no departure - Last departure at 10:00 PM subject to a minimum number of participants).

A clear and lively commentary is available in 13 languages and provided via individual handsets, enriching with words and music the sights you will see. 

 Special Discounts and Offers

  • 10% off your purchases plus a free shopping bag at Galeries Lafayette, the department store capital of fashion (visit:
  • 30% off the admission fee at Montparnasse Tower. Enjoy the panoramic beauty of Paris from the top of the tower!
  • 30% off the admission fee at the Grevin Museum. Meet the Who's Who of Paris, with 300 wax figures.
  • Special €6.00 admission (instead of €10.00) to Espace Dali, Dali's World, in the heart of Montmartre.
  • 10 Euros off on one entrance ticket at Disneyland® Paris.

 Free Unlimited Access to Online French Lessons

With every order and as a member, you will get online French lessons for free. You will be able to learn from greetings and courtesies, the alphabet, numbers, days, months and seasons, question words, quantities, weather and time, asking for help, emergencies, banks, taxis, restaurants, transportation, finding your way, touring, places to see, socializing, some famous French expressions and finally some very romantic French expressions to impress someone special. NEW! Now you will also be able to learn Italian and Spanish for FREE from our Language Lesson Center.

 Free Paris Street/Metro/Bus Map

Every ComboPass® comes with a free RATP map which shows maps for the Metro, RER train stations, buses and streets with important points as museums, attractions, point of interest and more.

 ComboPass® available Add-ons

Extra Day Metro Pass
if you need to extend the validity of your metro pass then this add-on is for you.

OpenTour Hop on/off Bus 2 days
Buses run every 15 to 30 minutes, covering over 40 hop-on/hop-off stops at major attractions. A detailed map will be provided to you when ordering this add-on.

Paris a la Carte Ticket
Combining Hop on/off bus and boat, you will have 3 days of unlimited usage of these 2 methods of transportation. Detailed information will be given to you if you selected this add-on.

Paris to Versailles Round Trip RER Train Ticket
Would you also like to visit Versailles? Although the entrance is included in the Museum Pass, access to it is beyond the 3-zone transport limit, so we have a simple and affordable way to get you there with this Add-on that can be ordered on this page, just above. 

Paris to Disneyland Round Trip RER Train Tickets
These tickets are available to reach Disneyland Park as the resort is located outside the 3-zone transport limit included with our pass. Note that ComboPass® does not include admission to Disneyland Park, you may be interested by this tour to Disneyland® available here. 

Versailles Fountain Show Ticket
Will give you access to Versailles Palace gardens and fountain display on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (except 1st May) from March 28th till November 1st 2015 as well as these exceptional open dates: Fri April 3rd, Fri May 8th, Thu May 14th, Tue May 26th, Tue June 2nd, Tue June 9th, Tue June 16th, Tue June 23rd, Tue July 14th. More details about Versailles fountain show here.

Do you need to order more than 20 Paris ComboPass®? Contact us about special conditions for universities and large groups.

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included in every order
to save even more!


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Ratings based on Reviews from Certified Customers
from South Townsville

Good Paris pass, satisfied!

Reviewed on 23 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

It was our first time in Paris and I must say that we had to read a bunch before deciding to get this or this pass for Paris. This combopass looked so cheap compared to other expensive ones that I was a little nervous! On the other hand, this company is on since almost 20 years and my husband said go! we can't be wrong and we were right! Clear explanations on how to use it, neat package and excellent customer service that answered my questions professionally and promptly. Merci!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Yes, you and your husband were right! :-) Thank you so much, we have such nice customers around the world, we're spoiled!!
from Riverside
United States

Still great

Reviewed on 17 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

The pass was good however I was expecting to have special "cut the line" access at more of the attractions. For example, I was disappointed that there was no special line for the Eiffel Tower or Ste. Chapelle. Also, my mother lost her pass and there was no to replace it. That was very unfortunate. Besides those two issues it was great.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you for your review Laura. We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative. However, in this particular case, we feel that it's important to insist on the fact, as indicated on this webpage description and document delivered to you, that the Eiffel Tower is not included but can be ordered separately and that there are two places where you can't cut the lines since security and ticketing are sharing the same queue; Sainte Chapelle and Notre-Dame towers. Passes cannot be replaced unless you buy them again, these passes are money like bills. We noted that you found our ComboPass® "still great" and we're very pleased about that. Thank you very much for your feedback, we hope to serve you again soon.
from Baton Rouge
United States

Happy about the passes

Reviewed on 15 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

We were very happy about the passes. They saved a great of time waiting in line and none of the museums where we used them gave us any problems. Thanks to the good weather, we walked everywhere so we didn't use the metro/bus passes. However, under very cold or rainy weather we would have.
Thank You!!

from Cleveland
United States

Just as advertised

Reviewed on 06 Jan. 2016 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

From prompt delivery to our hotel (day before) to very simple usage, this pass made out stay really nice and easy. Top-notch service since my first contact with them. Highly recommended.

from San Diego
United States


Reviewed on 17 Dec. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

This is my 3rd time and again, a remarkable service with a clear and cheap pass offer compared to others. I will come back! Thank you.

from Beijing

From Chuan C

Reviewed on 09 Dec. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

This combo include a 1day and a 3day 1-3metro pass, if the 1day metro pass is 1-5, there will be more perfect. It will be more easy to visit Versailles Castle and Fontainebleau and no need to buy the metro pass in addition.

from Thornton Cleveleys
United Kingdom

From Wendy M

Reviewed on 03 Dec. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

Good pass for top museums, louvre,arc de triumph etc and quick entry no queuing would buy again before going in advance and quick delivery to home address.

from Mayer
United States

From Dan S

Reviewed on 16 Nov. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

Worked great and we used the metro system enough to make this well worth it!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you very much Dan.
from Newbury
United Kingdom

From Anthony A

Reviewed on 14 Nov. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

We used the passes primarily for entry to the Musee d'Orsay and Louvre. We were glad to avoid the queue. And this was the quiet season. We also enjoyed the free river cruise into a magical sunset over le Tour Eiffel. we would certainly buy the passes again and will hope to return soon to this lovely city as soon as it recovers from the horrible attacks last night.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you very much Anthony. Paris will recover, this is just a matter of time but we will never forget...
from Fairview
United States

From Jesenia S

Reviewed on 14 Nov. 2015 from Certified Customer (Paris ComboPass® Premium)

Fabulous choice with the included unlimited ride 2 day Metro pass and no waiting on any lines makes this Premium Pass an unbeatable value!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Merci Jesenia, merci!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • QuestionIs there a ComboPass® available for 3 or 5 days?
  • Answer: In order to help you to save money and to make our passes even more flexible than before, we decided to give you the ability to select what is best for you. You can easily extend your primary ComboPass® 2, 4 or 6 days using the Extra Day Metro Pass Add-on and eventually add individual museum tickets depending on your plans: Louvre or Orsay.

  • QuestionWhat is the difference between ComboPass® and other internet offers like "Paris pass"?
  • Answer:

    • First, ComboPass® is priced 10 to 20% less than Paris pass! Why? Easy to figure out; our combo pass is exclusively sold on our website, yes! DIRECT to YOU. When buying Paris pass, one also pays for important commissions to feed distributors like Viator or RailEurope. Compare and see for yourself, we guarantee you will save money to dedicate to a better usage in Paris. As an additional note, Paris pass is in not an official pass, not issued or promoted by the city of Paris.

    • Second, with more than 60 museums and monuments, ComboPass® includes the essentials of Paris, saves you money by omitting sights you are unlikely to visit but somehow paying for with Paris pass. ComboPass® includes discounts for activities that are off the beaten path.

    • Third, ComboPass® is the only one available for 1 to 6 days, so you can tailor it to your visit. And there are two popular and inexpensive add-ons: Versailles and Disneyland round trip RER train tickets!

    • Fourth, we are the historic and direct official dealer of passes issued by their respective organisations for more than 20 years, and online since 1997. That's right, you've come to the right place!

    Here's an objective article from a past customer.

  • QuestionI can't find a ComboPass® for teens or children, why?
  • Answer: Right, there is no reason to have one for teens or for children (unlike Paris Pass) because all museums are free for those under 18! Just get a regular metro pass and river cruise for your children or teen. They can enter museums with you for free when you have your museum pass.

    • Under 12 years old: you must select Child Metro pass here and a River Cruise child ticket there.
    • From 12 years old: Metro adult pass here and a River Cruise adult ticket there.

  • QuestionAre museums free for those less than 26 years old?
  • Answer: Yes, but only for residents of the European Union, and only for some museums. This is true for the permanent exhibits (only) at the Louvre, Orsay, Picasso, and Marine museums, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, and the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris. Please note, however, that visitors from 18 to 25 years old must wait in the ticket line to obtain a free ticket.

  • QuestionWhat if I want to go to Versailles during my stay?
  • Answer: Then the ComboPass® Add-on: Paris to Versailles Round Trip RER Ticket is the perfect choice.

  • QuestionWhat's included exactly at Versailles Castle?
  • Answer: The museum pass included in ComboPass® gives access to all tours at the Palace of Versailles, open according to the season ( "Grands Appartements", Hall of Mirrors, King's Bedchamber, Queen's Bedchamber, Dauphin and Dauphine apartments as well as those of Louis XV's daughters - weekends only - exhibitions, Trianon Castles and Estate of Marie-Antoinette) and the audio tours. Please note that the Fountain Show and musical gardens are NOT included in this pass. To visit the gardens and the Fountain show, please go here if you didn't order a ComboPass® Premium or add it as an Add-On from the ComboPass® page while placing your order.

  • QuestionParis ComboPass® provides transportation within 3 zones, what does that include?
  • Answer: Paris ComboPass® paris pass covers all of the city of Paris, where almost all museums and attractions are located. Train stations (Nord, Est, Austerlitz, and Montparnasse) are also included in the 3-zone pass. The following locations are not covered by the pass because they are outside the 3-zone limit: Versailles Castle, Disneyland® Resort Paris, Orly and Roissy CDG Airports. If you want to go to Versailles use the ComboPass® Add-on: Paris to Versailles Round Trip RER Ticket.

  • QuestionCan I use a 2-day Paris ComboPass® Premium on Monday, then again on Thursday?
  • Answer: No, passes are valid for consecutive calendar days only, beginning with the first day you use them (not the date of purchase or delivery). They don't have dates printed on them. If you first use a pass at 5pm then the first day of use will end at midnight, not the next day at 5pm.

  • QuestionI can't find anymore the Paris ComboPass® Premium 3 or 5 Days?
  • Answer: Yes, the previous version of the Pass 2/4/6 Days and 3/5 Days pass has been replaced by the one detailed on this webpage. You can now select the Extra Metro Day Add-on to extend transportation from 2 to 3 days or 4 to 5 days.

  • QuestionDo I have access to the Versailles fountain show using the Paris Museum Pass included with my Paris ComboPass® Premium?
  • Answer: No, access to the gardens and the fountain show are not included in the Paris museum pass during the days of operation listed in overview section above. You will need the Versailles Fountain Show Ticket ComboPass® Add-on

  • QuestionCan I use the river cruise ticket before first using the ComboPass?
  • Answer: Yes, it can be used separately, for example, you can use it on Monday, then start your ComboPass on Tuesday for consecutive days.

  • QuestionIs the Eiffel Tower included in the pass?
  • Answer: No, you must buy separate tickets directly at the Eiffel Tower because they need to control the flow of visitors. Tip: There's a smart way to get Eiffel Tower tickets with this tour.

  • QuestionWhat if the hotel doesn't have our passes?
  • Answer: If there's a problem, it's usually resolved very quickly because we track deliveries right to the hotel. A toll-free number is listed on your order confirmation for assistance in English.



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