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New York, New York!

A visit to New York City brings you right to the heart of urban American life. The vibrancy of the city is a contrast to the areas earliest beginnings as a Dutch colony. Often called “the city that never sleeps” New York has a heartbeat of its own which pumps at an astonishing pace. From a global perspective, New York City is synonymous with the United States; although it is not the capital of the United States or the State of New York. The city consists of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Each borough has a personality and is made up of several distinct neighborhoods within the boundaries of the borough. A city that is as diverse and energetic as New York City offers nearly limitless activities that appeal to every taste and activity level.

Fans of the theater will be right at home on what is easily the most famous theater district in the world, Broadway. A visit to the Broadway area allows you to enjoy New York City at its glimmering and glittering best. Theaters, restaurants, and shops tempt visitors to partake. Broadway is especially beautiful at nights, where you can see the glamor intensified with the plethora of sparkling lights.

If you enjoy museums, then a New York City vacation is perfect for you. Charming, specialized galleries take their place beside the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of National History. Whether the topic is art, history, science or memorials to the past; you will find it here.

Must see landmarks in New York

The Statue of Liberty National Monument 
Empire State Building 
The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Radio City Music Hall 
Grand Central Terminal 
Central Park 
Times Square 
The United Nations Building 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Wall Street 

Restaurants, shopping, and the nightlife are just a few reasons to make New York City a priority on your future vacation list.

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Focus on: the Empire State Building

There are few buildings that embody the essence of a city like New York City’s Empire State Building. This iconic structure is so large that the building has its own zip code. Strong, inspiring, and irrepressible like the city it represents, the Empire State Building is an absolute must-see for visitors.

Empire State History

The construction of the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and West 34th Streets began on March 17, 1930. At the time, the property in Mid-Town Manhattan belonged to the company Empire State Incorporated. Initially, the building was slated to be an ordinary 50 story office building. During construction plans were changed 15 times and the simple office building blossomed into an instantly recognizable landmark and symbol of the city of New York.
The skyscraper’s construction took just 13 months, and the Empire State Building opened on May 1, 1931.

Notable Facts

• Initially, the building was slated to be an ordinary 50 story office building. The original plans for the Empire State Building saw 15 revisions prior to construction.
• The changes in construction plans were the result of “The Race to the Sky,” as builders of other skyscrapers vied for the distinction of the world’s tallest building.
• The Empire State Building has 102 stories, and at roof height, it is 1,250 feet tall. Its height including the antenna is 1,454 feet tall.
• The skyscraper was meant to have a dirigible mooring station.
• The observation deck on the 86th floor is the highest open-air observatory in New Your City.
• The Empire State Building has a second observation deck on the 102nd floor.
• Each year there is a contest for engaged couples to win Valentine’s Day weddings on the 86th-floor observation deck.
• Each year the Empire State Building hosts the Empire State Building Run-Up. The race is entering its 41st year and features international runners competing to be the first to the top of the building’s 86 flight, which equals 1,576 stairs.

While visiting the Empire State Building, be sure to enjoy these unique features and points of interest.

• The NY Skyride- a virtual motion simulated ride that takes riders on an exciting flight through New York City
• The observatory on the 102nd floor- many visitors, neglect to take the memorable trip to the top of the Empire State Building and miss out on an unforgettable experience and unbelievable views.
Art Deco at it's finest- The Empire State Building is an Art Deco lover’s dream destination. Recently, the building has been refurbished bringing the original design work back to a state of glory.
• The Tower Lights- an exciting display of colorful lights that will leave you speechless.
• Dining- Do not miss the chance to enjoy a meal or a snack at one of the convenient eateries located inside the Empire State Building.

This iconic structure is truly a can’t miss attraction if you are in the New York City area.

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