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Quebec City Tours

Quebec City Information With more than 400 years of history, Quebec City will give you a fascinating look at how a city with so much duality thrives. The city was initially settled in 1608 when France claimed this area of the continent; naming it New France, Nouvelle France. Eventually, the British gained control of the region and yet allowed the French citizens to continue to maintain their native language and culture. Because the British did not seek to stamp out French culture, the area developed with a wonderful mixing of French and British inspirations. Language highlights the degree of French influence in Quebec City. The official language of the province of Quebec is French. At its peak, only around 40% of the population spoke English as a first language. Recent surveys show more than 90% of the population speaks French.

For a truly unique experience put a visit to Old Quebec on your list of places to visit. The 400-year-old area has a wonderful variety of boutiques, art, and architecture; all are neatly rimming the cities’ cobblestone walking trails. Whether you are shopping, dining, or taking in the scenery, a day in Old Quebec will last a lifetime.

Must see landmarks in Quebec City

Montmorency Falls Park 
Plains of Abraham 
Jacques-Cartier National Park 
St. Lawrence River
Musée de la Civilisation and Musée National des Beaux-Arts 
Parliament Hill 
The Island of Orleans 
The Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine 
The Place Royale 
Fortifications of Quebec

Quebec City is one of North America’s oldest cities, and its history and legendary charm are well preserved. When you visit Quebec City, you will have a sense that time has stopped in this lovely place just for you.

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