Why you won't find JustRing® reviews on Tripadvisor

We are in operation online since 1997. Tripadvisor appeared many years later and since the beginning, our business was not granted to appear on their website (same for websites like Expedia, etc..) for the reason that such Concierge services are probably not considered to be "valuable" enough. As of today, only hotels, restaurants and "attractions" are accepted, regrettably.

Fortunately, we lived without it until now and we're doing perfectly fine! Thanks to our real customers reviewing our services and sharing their experiences with you and us. All the reviews listed on our website are certified by a sheltered internal validation process, each review are tracked by customers internet connection and their order data including services ordered. A customer cannot review a service he didn't order. This makes a huge difference for us compared to Tripadvisor, we don't want neither need fake reviews, our services are for real like our customers.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty since almost 20 years! That's valuable!

® Team



  • Splendid!
    By Megan J. from Greenville, United States
    Mar 2017
    About Moulin Rouge
    A great show, beautiful dancers and spectacular performers. Don't even try to compare this cabaret with others on this planet, just remember, this is Moulin Rouge in Paris and we've been there!
  • Not used as I should have
    By Richard L. from Oxford, United Kingdom
    Mar 2017
    About Paris Museum Pass
    I wasn't able to use this pass during 4 days being sick and stuck in my hotel room on day 2.
  • Just perfect! No need to deal with slot machines or a nasty non English speaking attendant!
    By Lexy Q. from Atlanta, United States
    Mar 2017
    About Paris Metro Tickets
  • Great service and useful pass
    By Lisa G. from Seattle, United States
    Mar 2017
    About ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass
    Too bad they don't send them international anymore but the pickup location at Eiffel tower was fine since we were to get there anyway! The cheapest Paris pass I've found and I don't regret the time spent online to find it. I recommend this combo pass.
  • Highly recommended to Airbnb client like us
    By Michael F. from Concord, United States
    Mar 2017
    About Paris Metro Pass
    Justring is offering a pickup location in Paris, can't be more convenient since close to the Eiffel tower. We went there, showed our ID and we were ready to go with our passes secured in an envelope to our attention. At no time we needed assistance to use the metro, it's so easy and convenient. Passes did the job during the week, merci Monsieur! :-)