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Edinburgh Tours

Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland

A visit to Edinburgh, Scotland gives you the best of a modern European city expertly blended with history and legends dating back to when scholars believe that the area was first inhabited, 8500 BC. Edinburgh is also the birthplace of many advances in science as well as literature. The city is a study in contrasts as medieval streets run up against modern areas, and charming coastal towns align with centers for commerce.

The nation of Scotland is famous for its enchanting highland region. There are few sights that can equal the pure splendor of the area. Home of the fabled William Wallace and immortalized in countless books, movies, and television series, the Scottish Highlands beckon all Edinburgh visitors to come and witness their rugged and raw beauty.

The body of water known as Loch Ness is equally synonymous with Scotland as the Highlands. Loch Ness is the reported home of “Nessie” the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Nessie’s sightings date as far back in time as the 6th century. Details recorded in Adomnán’s Life of St. Columba tells of Saint Columba encountering a “water beast” in the River Ness during the year 565 AD.

Whether you are a firm believer, a serious skeptic, or simply unsure of Nessie’s validity; a day tour of the Highlands and Loch Ness is a fun and fantastic way to explore some of Scotland’s natural beauty. Day tours that run from local area hotels are a perfect way to take in all of the sights If you are very lucky, maybe Nessie will drop in to say hello.

Must see landmarks in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle
John Knox House John Knox House
Georgian House Georgian House
The Real Mary King's Close 
Holyrood Palace Holyrood Palace
Princes Street Gardens
St. Giles Cathedral St. Giles Cathedral
Royal Mile Royal Mile
Linlithgow Palace Linlithgow Palace
Gladstone's Land Gladstone's Land

Edinburgh’s undeniable charm and haunting beauty will stay in your heart long after you bid the city farewell.

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