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Keep Calm and Go to London!

A tour of London, England is a delight to both the senses and the imagination. Whether this is your first visit to London or your 51st visit, the city always leaves you enthralled and beckons your return. As you can imagine, a city that is over 2,000 years old holds an immense bounty of treasure for history enthusiasts.
With so many excellent locations vying for your attention, it is a good idea for the history lover to make a note of areas of particular interest. Some perennial areas of note include:

Churchill War Rooms and Museum- A fascinating location where Winston Churchill ran the British government during World War II.

Southwark Cathedral- This 15th-century gothic cathedral sits on the site of a Roman home. In addition to architectural history, Southwark is the parish which Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, and James I of Scotland attended.

Tower Bridge Exhibition- This museum takes visitors through interactive displays that highlight the bridge’s history and its importance to the area.

Shopping aficionados will have a myriad of choices in London but will not want to miss two especially amazing department stores.

Fortnum & Mason- In 1707 Fortnum & Mason opened its doors selling luxurious homewares, clothing, and food to London’s elite. It remains the official grocer of the Queen.

Harrods- Arguably London’s best-known department store, Harrods opened in 1849 as a small grocery. It now offers shoppers seven floors and 330 departments of shopping paradise. The city of London also features an extensive number of famous landmarks which should are must-see.

Here are a few of the best-known landmarks in London.

The Tower of London 
Westminster Abbey 
The London Eye 
Buckingham Palace 
St. Paul’s Cathedral 
Kensington Palace 

With so much to see and to experience, no visitor to London will ever find themselves bored.

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Focus on British Museum

No vacation in London would be complete without a visit to one of the city's greatest treasures the British Museum. This outstanding destination holds centuries of objects depicting the history of humanity. These priceless relics testify to the ingenuity, creativity, and spirit of man.

This monument to all humankind opened in 1759. At this time, the museum consisted of the 71,000-piece collection of artifacts compiled by physician and naturalist, Sir Hans Sloane. Initially housed in the converted seventeenth-century mansion, Montagu House, The British Museum is Britain’s first national museum and allows free admission to the public in an effort to grant everyone an opportunity to share in the wonders that it houses. More than two centuries of tireless work on the part of curators and builders transformed Montague House the 800,000 square foot wonder of today. The British Museum ranks as the number one museum in the United Kingdom and greets nearly seven million visitors each year.

Within the museum walls, visitors see the enormity two million years of human history laid out in the form of over eight million pieces. These treasures require over 800,000 square feet of space. Touring such an immense museum without a guide to lead the way can be a formidable task. On our specially designed itinerary of the highlights, your guide will use their expert knowledge of and personal passion for the museum to give life to these marvelous relics.

Sir Sloane British Museum Front Inside the Museum

Prepare to be in awe of the wonders the British Museum houses. Ninety-four galleries housing Athenian marbles, Egyptian Mummies, Anglo-Saxon treasures and so much more that the museum is called the most comprehensive permanent collection of human history, art, and culture that exists. Among the highlights at the British Museum is the Granite Head of Amenhotep III, a four-ton sculpture of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III who ruled between 1390 and 1325; the Rosetta Stone, which was essential to interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphs; and the enormous Parthenon Frieze; this incredible sculpture is a monument to the glory of classical Greece.

Rosetta Stone

The Egyptian Rooms are a true must-see as they hold an amazing collection of mummies, including the famous cat mummies. You will learn about the Ancient Egyptian beliefs about life, death, and the afterworld and help facilitate your understanding of Egyptian culture as you view these amazing pieces of human history in person. The museum also contains a brilliant assortment of Anglo-Saxon relics. This impressive collection includes remarkable pieces found at the burial sites of Sutton Hoo. You will appreciate the rare and special nature of these relics when your guide shares the story of how survived so many centuries and escaped the hands of grave robbers, making them an especially rare find.

The British Museum holds a collection, which narrates humanity’s history from its origins to today; there is almost no limit to what you may see!

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