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Madrid Tours

Madrid, Old Charm since Centuries!

Visitors and locals, alike, say the most unique thing about the city of Madrid is that the city seems so very much alive; as if it has its own heartbeat, driving the rhythm of the city. Everywhere you look there is something enticing, fresh, or novel happening in this beautiful city. Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain and can trace its roots back to prehistoric times, although no written record of the city exists until the 9th century AD.

A visit to Madrid has the potential to be anything that you want it to be; fast paced and exhilarating or slower and relaxing. That is part of Madrid’s centuries old charm. The city is ready when you are.

When you are visiting Madrid, you are not far from the legendary Ribera del Duero wine region. A guided day trip to the region allows you the opportunity to be up close with the regions finest winemaking. You will see the diversity in the wine making process is by visiting various wineries. Each winery has its own personality. There are wineries that trace their roots back to medieval times as well as modern and traditional wineries. Wine enthusiasts, be sure to take part in the wine tasting to sample some of the very best wines in the world.

Must see landmarks in Madrid

Neptune’s Fountain
The Open-Air Museum of Contemporary Art
Monastery of the Incarnation
The Statue of the Fallen Angel
Palacio Real (The Royal Palace)
Estación de Atocha (Botanical Garden)
Alumudena Cathedral
Puerta de Alcalá (The Alcalá Gate)
Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

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