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Barcelona, feel the weight of history!

Situated on the Mediterranean coast between the Llobregat river to the southwest and the Besòs river to the north, the city of Barcelona is an ideal spot to enjoy your next vacation.

The historical record of Barcelona dates back to around 200 BC, and the city has thrived, in various forms ever since. This historical background blends with elements of modern culture to create a delightful feast for the senses that enthralls locals and visitors alike.

As a city that was once home to Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Antoni Gaudí; Barcelona is an art lover’s paradise. By simply strolling through the city, you can take in numerous impressive architectural works by Gaudi and his contemporaries. The city boasts an abundance of art galleries and museums; if time is an issue, here are two locations you will not want to miss:

Museu Picasso- This gallery holds the early works of the artist, Pablo Picasso and gives aficionados a unique look at the evolution of Picasso’s work.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC)- This museum offers visitors a look at Catalan art. The collection transports visitors from the middle of the 20th century back to Roman times.

Ocean breezes and mild temperatures make Barcelona an ideal spot for the beach enthusiast. There are numerous beach front hotels and rental properties in Barcelona, as the city is home to 4.2 KM of golden sand beaches. All of the beaches are ideal for soaking up the sunshine or enjoying a drink at a beach bar. Additionally, windsurfing and kite surfing are popular beach activities.

Must see landmarks in Barcelona

Hospital Sant Pau Hospital Sant Pau
Casa Batllo Casa Batllo
The Cathedral La Seu The Cathedral La Seu
The Sagrada Familia The Sagrada Familia
The Palau De La Musica The Palau De La Musica
Palau Guell Palau Guell
Montjuïc Castle Montjuïc Castle

With so many choices and activity levels Barcelona, Spain is truly a vacationer’s paradise.

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Focus on: Sagrada Familia Basilica

When touring Barcelona, Spain, a visit to the Sagrada Família Basilica should be a priority. This magnificent structure is among the most recognizable buildings in the world. It features a unique blending of Gothic design characteristics with Art Nouveau elements. This mixture of styles makes the Sagrada Família Basilica a one of a kind architectural wonder.

Josep Maria Bocabella receives credit for initiating the basilica’s construction, which began in 1882. Designer and architect, Francisco de Paula del Villar, worked on the project for one year before resigning. In 1883 Antoni Gaudí became the head of the Sagrada Familia project. He reshaped the design to his vision and created one of the most outstanding works in the world. Progress towards completing the Sagrada Família Basilica was sporadic after Gaudi’s death in 1926. In 2010, builders declared the project halfway completed and in recent estimates builders believe that the basilica will be finished by 2026.

When you are touring the Sagrada Família Basilica, there are several details which are exceptionally grand and worth spending a little extra time observing.


The Sagrada Família Basilica has 18 extraordinary towers which give the basilica its dramatic profile. Gaudi incorporated the towers, in part because the tower is a traditional Christian symbol of strength. Gaudi also designed the upper towers to pay homage to central figures of the Christian faith. He features 12 towers representing the 12 apostles of Jesus; there are four towers designed in honor of the four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; Gaudi honors the Virgin Mary with a tower, and the tallest tower venerates Jesus. The lower towers are embellished with grapes, wheat, and chalices to represent the Eucharist.


The Sagrada Família Basilica has three elaborate facades; Gaudi designed each façade to communicate a different part of the life of Jesus.
The Nativity façade, located on the eastern side of the basilica, was the first of the three to be completed and the only façade created under Gaudi’s direct oversight.
The western façade portrays the Passion of Christ. Josep Maria Subirachs designed this façade which features the flogging and crucifixion of Jesus. It is somewhat modern in design and draws criticism because many believe Gaudi would not approve of the design.
The final façade, the Façade of Bliss, is unfinished. Gaudi planned for this façade to show the final glory of Heaven as well as the last stages of a human’s life: death, judgment, hell, and bliss.


This section of the Sagrada Família Basilica elaborates on Gaudi’s work and his vision for the basilica. Here you will see a chronicle of the work building Sagrada Família and designs for the future of Sagrada Família. The museum holds a collection of Gaudi’s initial sketches and plans for construction as well as basilica models Gaudi prepared.

A tour of the Sagrada Família Basilica is sure to inspire you in many ways. It is deeply moving in an ecclesiastical sense; it is an architectural delight for those who love Gothic, Neo-Gothic, and Art Nouveau; it is an outstanding tribute to the genius of Antoni Gaudi.

The Sagrada Família Basilica is a genuine must-see attraction in Barcelona!

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