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Naples and Pompeii Tours

Naples, the Flower of Paradise!

The city of Naples offers an abundance of culture, art, food, and history to those who visit. While vacationing in Naples, you will be in one of the world’s oldest cities with continuous inhabitants. Its history goes back as far as the Bronze age, roughly 3,000 – 2,000 B C when it was a Greek settlement. Greek inhabitation led to Naples playing a huge part in the marriage of Greek and Roman culture.

When visiting the city of Naples, you will never run out of things to do and places to explore. However, taking a day trip to near-by Pompeii and the infamous volcano, Vesuvius is an absolute must for lovers of history, culture, and nature. Just a quick half-hour ride on an air-conditioned bus stands between you and one of the best preserved historical sites of all time. Do not be content with seeing the wonders of the city of Pompeii, but journey up Mount Vesuvius for a chance to look inside the volcano. You will be glad that you took part in a rare and wonderful opportunity.

For a one of a kind perspective on the history of Naples, tour Napoli Sotterranea Underground Naples. You will journey approximately 40 meters below street level and see a series of tunnels and artifacts dating as far back as 2,400 years. As you make your way through the tunnels, you will see sights like Hypogeum Gardens, a Roman theater, and a Greek aqueduct.

Must see landmarks in Naples

Duomo di Napoli
Catacombs of San Gennaro
Naples Harbor
Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum
San Martino Monastery and Museum
Castel Nuovo
Monastery of Santa Chiara
Teatro San Carlo
San Martino Monastery and Museum
National Archeological Museum

If you enjoy authentic pizza, breathtaking sights, charming people, and engrossing history; a vacation to Naples, Italy is essential for you.

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Focus on Pompeii Ruins

The Ghostly ruins of ancient Pompeii (Pompei in Italian) make for a few of the planet's most engrossing blossom experiences. A lot of the site value lies in the fact that the town wasn't only blown away by Vesuvius in AD 79 but buried under a layer of lapilli (burning fragments of pumice rock). The end result is a remarkably well-preserved slice of ancient life, where people could walk down Roman streets and snoop around millennia-old houses, temples, shops, cafes, amphitheatres, and even a brothel.

The Sources of Pompeii are unclear, but it appears likely that it had been founded in the 7th century BC from the Campanian Oscans. Over the next seven centuries, the city fell to the Greeks and the Samnites before getting a Roman colony at 80 BC. In AD 62, a mere 17 years earlier Vesuvius erupted, the city was struck with a significant earthquake. Damage was widespread and a lot of the city's 20,000-strong population was evacuated.

Following its Catastrophic death, Pompeii receded in the public eye until 1594, when the architect Domenico Fontana stumbled upon the ruins while digging a canal. Exploration proper, however, did not start until 1748. Of Pompeii's original 66 hectares, 44 have now been excavated. Of course that does not mean that you'll have enough access to every inch of the Unesco-listed site -- expect to encounter areas cordoned off for no clear reason, a noticeable lack of apparent signs, and also the odd stray dog. Audio guides are a sensible investment ($8, cash only) plus a good guidebook will even help -- attempt Pompeii.

Care work is continuing, but progress is beset with political, fiscal and bureaucratic issues.

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