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The German city of Munich is a study in contrasts. Citizens who prefer wearing Lederhosen fit easily with cosmopolitan Germans in designer suits. The city itself is situated north of the Bavarian Alps on the banks of the Isar River and serves as the capital of the State of Bavaria. Munich has a storied past and has been the site of various conflicts, but in the post-World War II era, it has risen as a beautifully eclectic mix of modern and ancient architecture.

For an enchanting day trip, worthy of a fairy tale, tour King Ludwig II's Royal Castles, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein. Germany’s “Mad King” built these two awe-inspiring castles in the Bavarian Alps, and the route to the castles will give you the chance to enjoy gorgeous once in a lifetime views of the Alpine region. The culminates with the magnificent sight of King Ludwig’s masterpieces. These are simply architectural wonders that you must see to believe.

In stark contrast to the grandeur of royal castles, a day trip to infamous Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Dachau was the first of the Nazi concentration camps built in Germany during the Holocaust, and other camps replicated this camp. You will see Dachau’s many remaining original buildings along with the camp’s gate. There are reconstructions of Dachau’s buildings including barracks and guard houses; as well as the camp’s compound. You can see a grim history of Dachau, the Holocaust, and World War II in the site’s exhibition center. There are also memorials for paying respect to the thousands murdered within the gates of Dachau.

Must see landmarks in Munich

Justice Palace / Court House
Church of St. Peter
Old Town Hall
New Town Hall
Nymphenburg Palace
Theatiner Church
Alter Hof Palace
Isartor City Gate
Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
Cathedral Church of Our Lady

Munich has rich culture, history, food, and nightlife; you will always find something to enjoy.

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