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From its earliest beginnings in the 12th century to the modern metropolitan city of today, Berlin has witnessed tremendous cultural, political, and social growth and change. The city served as the home of celebrated musicians and artists as well as some of the most notorious figures in history. In Berlin, you will find numerous unique museums, some dedicated to very specific parts of the city’s history.

Berlin does not shy away from the painful parts of its past, but honors the honorable and sheds light on the deeds of the dishonorable so that the world may never forget. After being at the epicenter of conflict and upheaval, the city is alive and vibrant with many fascinating things for you to enjoy during your visit to Berlin.

Berlin is an ideal jumping off point for day trips to the surrounding area and points of interest:

• The beautiful city of Dresden is a dream destination for lovers of architecture and art. This elegant city was once the home of the Saxton kings and looks every bit like a city of royalty. Dresden has an abundance of awe inspiring rococo and baroque buildings as well as breathtaking parks and gardens

Sachsenhausen, one of the first of the Nazi concentration camps, is an enlightening and sobering day excursion. Between 1936 and 1945, more than 200,000 people were prisoners in Sachsenhausen. Liberated by Soviet troops in 1945, the site is now a memorial to those who lived and died within its gates.

Must see landmarks in Berlin

Französischer Dom Französischer Dom
Lustgarten Lustgarten
Oberbaumbrücke Oberbaumbrücke
Berlin Wall Monument Berlin Wall Monument
Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Victory Column
Reichstag Reichstag
The Palace of Tears The Palace of Tears

A visit to Berlin brings you up close to a city which has stepped out of the shadows of its storied past into a bright and beautiful future.

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