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Versailles Castle and Gardens Tours

There are few, if any, places in the world that can match the grandeur and glory of the Palace of Versailles. An enduring symbol of the French Monarchy and aristocracy, Versailles is an absolute must see location for visitors to the Île-de-France region. The incomparable opulence of the palace leaves its visitors in awe.
When visiting the Palace of Versailles, be sure to allow as much time as possible. Every bit of the palace beckons to be discovered and explored, so plan on a full day, if possible. If you have time constraints, here are some of the marvels that cannot be appreciated to their fullest unless seen in person.

The Royal Chapel- This is by far the most glorious of the chapels at the palace. It was the site of Marie Antoinette’s wedding and is an astounding work of art and architecture.

Hall of Mirrors- The Hall of Mirrors is by far the most opulent of all of the rooms in Versailles. An assemblage of 17 arched windows line the hall; each adorned with 21 glimmering mirrors. There are no words that can adequately describe the sight when the sunlight reflects off of 357 mirrors.

The King’s State Apartments- Each of the rooms in this grouping of seven rooms has an individual theme enhanced by elaborate baroque stylings. During the reign of Louis XIV, the apartments held magnificent gatherings several times a week.

The Gallery of Great Battles- The largest of all rooms in the palace, the Gallery of Great Battles portrays 15 centuries of French military prowess. The Gallery opened in 1837 and remains unaltered. The collection of 30 masterpieces is still considered one of the finest galleries in the world.
All the glory of Versailles is yours to enjoy when you tour this amazing palace.

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