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Paris metro tickets are available for occasional rides inside Paris (zone 1) by book of ten. Access to Metro/RER/Bus/Tram/Montmartre Funicular.

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Paris Metro Tickets


  • Free Delivery is available to JustRing® Pickup 7/7 Location
          Located near the Eiffel Tower (for map click here) all details will be listed on your invoice.
          Pay 10% of total amount of your order now and 90% balance directly at pickup time in Paris (Cash/Visa/Mastercard accepted).
  • Rate is per book of 10 tickets including taxes and services, there are no hidden costs!.
  • Including Free Paris street/metro/bus map.
  • Free unlimited and immediate access to our Language Lesson Center to learn some French.

"Worked very well .. made slipping around Paris on the Metro a breeze!" - Brian J, United States


The ticket t+ is for customers traveling occasionally. It allows travel on all Metro lines, the RER lines (zone 1), the lines of Ile-de-France bus (except Roissy and Orly bus) lines Tramway and Funicular Montmartre.

The following connections are possible:

  • Metro / subway
  • Metro / RER and RER / RER in Paris
  • Bus / buses (including between RATP networks and OPTILE)
  • For 1h30 between the first and the last validation
Tickets are packed by book of 10, secured in a blister package.

What about Zones with Paris Metro Tickets

  • Zones 1 to 2 include the entire city of Paris (1 to 20 arrondissements).

Check the zones on the Paris area map below


Paris Metro Tickets: how to use them

Once you're ready to use your pass, then fill in your name and the date of first use on the ticket. Don't do it too much in advance if you're not sure of when you're going to start to use it. RATP staff are entitled to verify your metro pass at any time. You wil insert your pass in turnstyles that will return it back to you to enter Metro stations while you will only show it to bus drivers.

The pass also includes discounts and savings at selected places in addition to your included Free Privilege Discounts. To learn more about the special offers available for Paris Visite metro pass holders, see the FAQ section below.

Is it worth buying Paris Metro Tickets?

What about using Paris Metro Pass/Paris Visite instead? If you're going to use public transportation just a couple of times a day then yes, single tickets would do fine. Paris Metro Pass gives the comfort of not having to wait in line to get tickets from machines and to travel with no worries about how many tickets needed/left, etc... Do you need Paris Metro Pass instead? You will find it here.

Do you need to order more than 200 tickets? Contact us for Universities/Groups special conditions.

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Average ratings
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Ratings based on latest 200 Reviews from Certified Customers
By Denis S.
from San Diego
United States

The pass worked perfectly fine

Reviewed in  January 2019 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

The metro in Paris is easy to use and safe at the time we used it, quite intensively I must say. The pass worked perfectly fine, I highly recommend this service, quite rare these days.


Reply from Concierges Desk

I'm glad you enjoyed our service, online since 22 years up to now and counting! Thank you Denis.
By Shirley L
from Los Angeles
United States

We started to use immediately our metro passes

Reviewed in  January 2019 from Certified Customer (ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass)

I couldn't be happier, I picked up our passes right at the opening of the store and we started to use immediately our metro passes then the museum passes without any hassles. The river cruise (included) is a must do, inside the boat, it was too cold.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you Shirley!
By Ulrich D.
from Berlin

Vive Paris!!! Ich bin Parisian!

Reviewed in  January 2019 from Certified Customer (ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass)


Reply from Concierges Desk

Lol Ulrich, hope you enjoyed using your pass. I agree, Vive Paris! Vielen danke.
By Robert G.
from Birmingham
United Kingdom

I love Paris during low season!

Reviewed in  January 2019 from Certified Customer (Paris Museum Pass)

I love Paris during low season! The weather is certainly not the best but the whole city of Paris is yours! Don't miss the river cruise and by the way the museum pass is a good deal, it saves you time and money. We also used the metro pass ordered through this website, both available for us at the pickup location on our arrival. Nice to be expected with no bad surprise, I wish my French was better but nan. Thank you whoever the staff behind this Justring website.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Lol Robert, nice review, thank you very much!
By Karl H.
from Stuttgart

Delivered as promised.

Reviewed in  January 2019 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

Delivered as promised, took 5 minutes to grab our passes for the family, vielen danke.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Danke auch Karl!
By Heather M.
from London
United Kingdom

Everything was fine with this pass

Reviewed in  December 2018 from Certified Customer (ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass)

Everything was fine with this pass. Just had an issue with the metro pass exchanged for free for a new one at a metro station. The river cruise was amazing and yes, we could avoid the yellow vests during 4 days.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Right, thank you for pointing at this issue with your metro pass. Make sure to store it away from an magnet source such as cell phone. Thanks Heather.
By Eileen W.
from San Francisco
United States

I'm using Justring website for my passes since 12 years

Reviewed in  December 2018 from Certified Customer (Paris Museum Pass)

I'm using Justring website for my passes since 12 years, not a single problem and Martin is amazing, I love this guy! Tip: try to plan your visits in advance to optimize even if you miss one. Get early at Sainte Chapelle otherwise you won't make it or wait too long, a splendor!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Dear Eileen, it's always a pleasure to serve you with such a regularity, you're a true Paris lover, merci!
By Eleonore G.
from San Luis Obispo
United States

Recommended by a friend and I don't regret

Reviewed in  December 2018 from Certified Customer (Paris Metro Pass)

Recommended by a friend and I don't regret, smooth and safe ordering process since you prepay only 10%. The women at the pickup location was so friendly and helpful, keep up the good work, I'll come back for sure. Merci.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Thank you Eleonore, since we don't do any advertising, word to mouth is essential to us. I love San Luis Obispo, if I'm not wrong, it was the location of Vertigo Hitchcock movie. Thank you again.
By Oliver S.
from Chicago
United States

I visited Paris several times

Reviewed in  December 2018 from Certified Customer (ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass)

I visited Paris several times and must say that this pass was the perfect choice to travel using the metro and enter museums cutting lines. Now my case is a little special, I visited only the Louvre 6 days in a row for my work. Intense moments for an Art lover and wonderful unique pieces, I would have slept there to be ready next day. Thank you.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Nice job Oliver! Lucky you. Thank you.
By Laure H.
from Washington
United States

A short weekend in Paris

Reviewed in  December 2018 from Certified Customer (ComboPass® Premium Paris Pass)

A short weekend in Paris, thanks to this pass, we optimized our visit and were able to visit 7 museums using the two days pass. We had a long and restful flight going back home, you can believe us.


Reply from Concierges Desk

I do believe you! :-) Thank you Laure.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can I buy them directly at the pickup location?
  • Answer: No, you must place your order online at JustRing first to be able to pickup your tickets there. That's the only way to manage tickets/passes stocks and be ready for your visit with service efficiency in mind.

  • QuestionAre Versailles castle, the airports, and Disneyland included in the single tickets passes?
  • Answer: No, as all these destinations are located within the 5 zone area, and single tickets are ONLY for zones 1 and 2.

  • QuestionWhat if I only need to get to Versailles during my stay?
  • Answer: Then the round trip RER Paris to Versailles ticket is the perfect add-on to a 2 zones single tickets.

  • QuestionCan I use some tickets on Monday, then again on Thursday?
  • Answer: Yes, Paris Metro Tickets are valid for single rides, they don't have dates printed on them so you can use them anytime you want.

  • Question: What are the advantages of ordering passes online?
  • Answer: First, reduce stress and don't waste your time, most metro station employees do not speak English and a lot of stations do not have any staff but machines that do not sell those passes. Second, the passes are made available for you at a convenient pickup location near Eiffel Tower. Third, you get immediate access to French lessons, voila!

  • QuestionWhat else comes along with the passes?
  • Answer: A free Paris street/metro/bus map is included, Free access to French lessons.

  • QuestionIs there a combined Museum/Transportation pass?
  • Answer: Yes, it's available here: Paris ComboPass®