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Orsay Museum Ticket is your pass for immediate access to the Orsay Museum permanent and temporary exhibitions.

There's no waiting in line with priority access.

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Orsay Museum Pass

on't spend your vacation in a ticket line, Justring.com is an official dealer of Orsay museum tickets. All prices include taxes, tips, and services, there are no hidden costs!


  • Ready-to-use, cut the line with your pass
  • Valid for permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • Delivery is available to your hotel in Paris or if you are renting an apartment to JustRing® Pickup Location (close to the Eiffel Tower)
  • Children under 18 do not need a pass and will be able to cut the lines with an adult
  • Including Free Paris street/metro/bus map
  • Free unlimited access to our Language Lesson Center to learn some French.


This Orsay Museum pass is an affordable and nice gift with the following advantages:

  • Admission to the Orsay museum
  • Prority access, just show your ticket and cut the line

Advantages to passholders

  • Free direct entry to the permanent collections and temporary exhibits, no waiting in line except for security
  • This pass is the best option available for short stays since a one-day museum pass is no longer available and you don't want to stand in line to buy your ticket!

How to use this pass?

Just show your ticket using the reserved access entrance, it's that simple. There's no admission charge and no waiting, except for the security check. Remember that the Orsay Museum is Closed on Mondays, on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th. The museum is open from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM and until 9:45 PM on Thursdays.

So little to pay, so much time saved, so much to see!

By Benh (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Museum Location

Orsay Museum

  • 1 rue de la Legion d'Honneur - 75007 Paris
  • Metro: Solferino

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Average ratings
out of 5
Ratings based on Reviews from Certified Customers
from Manila

From Kristine V

Reviewed in October 2015 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

Loved the art collections!

from Thousand Oaks
United States

From Tim J

Reviewed in April 2015 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

The museum was wonderful. A little bit crowded inside, but very little line to get in.

United States

From Joseph J

Reviewed in February 2015 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

Tres Bien!!


Reply from Concierges Desk

from Rio Vista
United States

From James M

Reviewed in October 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

Need better directions as to where to enter once at the venue.


Reply from Concierges Desk

You need to get in front of the entrance, then you'll see the special line for visitors holding tickets/passes. Thank you for your feedback.
from Helderberg
South Africa

From Michele M

Reviewed in July 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

The best art museum to visit in Paris!

from Spring
United States

From Judith G

Reviewed in July 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

My third time using Conciergerie.com and have never been disappointed in their service.


Reply from Concierges Desk

4th time in fact! It's always a pleasure to serve you, thank you very much.
from Paoli
United States

From Wendy M

Reviewed in July 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

We were able to use a different entrance since we had tickets in advance which was a tremendous time savings - especially since it was raining outside.

from Wahroonga

From Rayna H

Reviewed in July 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

The tickets were waiting at hotel reception when I checked in. This is a great service and the result was that I didn't have to stand in the very long queue to buy tickets to Musee De Orsay.


Reply from Concierges Desk

Merci Rayna.
from Austin
United States

From Cara F

Reviewed in June 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

Huge line here! We went right around it with zero wait time. I would ALWAYS use this service!


Reply from Concierges Desk

Please do Cara, thank you very much.
from Parkland
United States

From Suzanne T

Reviewed in June 2014 from Certified Customer (Orsay Museum Tickets)

Had to wait in line but not as long.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • QuestionWhat are the advantages of ordering online?
  • Answer: First, reduce stress and don't waste your time in line to buy one. Second, passes are delivered to Paris by special messenger a few days prior to your arrival, just waiting for you (delivery guaranteed). Third , you get unlimited free access to French lessons, incroyable!

  • QuestionWhat if the hotel doesn't have our envelope?
  • Answer: If there's a problem, it's resolved very fast since delivery is tracked to the destination. A t oll-free number is listed on your order confirmation for assistance in English.

  • QuestionWill I pay the same price if I buy the ticket by myself in Paris?
  • Answer: The price at the museum is 11,00 Euros, don't waste your time waiting in line, buy it now from Conciergerie.com!

  • QuestionIs there a 2-day Louvre/Orsay museum pass?
  • Answer: No, but you can buy one Louvre museum pass + Orsay Museum ticket, one for each day that can be non-consecutive, or a Paris Museum Pass for two consecutive days. If you're visiting only Le Louvre and the Orsay Museum during your stay, buying Louvre museum pass and Orsay Museum ticket is less expensive.

  • QuestionWhat about Orsay museum passes for children?
  • Answer: Children under 18 are admitted free to museums. Just show your adult pass and take your childre n in with you.

  • Question: Aren't museums free if under 26?
  • Answer: Yes, only if EEC resideent but all 18-25 years old must get a free entrance ticket. This is required for counting/statistics purpose.

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