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Vienna Tours

Situated on the banks of the Danube River, Austria has thrived since the year, 976, it is a city synonymous with grace and culture, as evidenced by the numerous venues dedicated to the advancement of the arts. The Danube River, which runs through Vienna, gives the city a good portion of its timeless charm. Vienna is a city for all seasons. In addition to plenty of activities during the rest of the year, winter events are abundant here. So, winter sports enthusiasts will have many opportunities to enjoy themselves in Vienna. The food in Vienna is sumptuous; you may want to take part in a strudel making class and learn the traditional techniques.

Classical music fans will not want to miss a visit to Mozarthaus, the Vienna home of Mozart from 1784 to 1787. This elaborate apartment is the only home of Mozart still in existence. The tour allows you to step back in time to when Mozart composed many of his famous pieces. This location is where he wrote more music than any other place in Austria. Mozarthaus is not a tour of Mozart’s former home. Visitors have the opportunity to see the times in which Mozart composed as well as experience his major works. A concert series takes place in the Bösendorfer Concert Hall. A visit to Mozarthaus will ignite your senses as you learn more about this legendary composer.

Must see landmarks in Vienna

Rathausplatz Rathausplatz
Historic Center of Vienna
St. Stephen's Cathedral St. Stephen's Cathedral
Parliament Building Parliament Building
Imperial Treasury of Vienna  Imperial Treasury of Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace
Kapuziner Crypt Kapuziner Crypt
Hoher Markt Clock
St. Anna's Church St. Anna's Church

Vienna is such a cultural fusion that there is something for everyone to enjoy during a visit.

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