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Sending Mail

Sending mail

Letter boxes can be recognized by their yellow color. They can be found on many streets. Collection times are indicated on each box. You can also find letter boxes in front of each post office.

Mailing delays

Domestic mail posted before the last collection should arrive the next day unless sent by slower economy post. Overseas letters take one to five days to arrive, depending on the country.

Post offices

Post offices are generally open from 08h to 19h weekdays and 08h to 12h (noon) on Saturdays.

The main Paris post office near the Louvre métro station never closes! It's the only post office in Europe that's open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can send international telegrams or gifts at the last minute. Postal workers tell stories about how the post office has become a favorite meeting place for tourists. It's mentioned in all of the guidebooks and always open!

At the post office you can post letters and parcels, make change, make phone calls, send faxes, use a Minitel terminal, purchase stamps and envelopes, and pick up poste restante (general delivery) mail. You can pay for postage-related expenses with Visa or Mastercard, but not other cards.

Stamps and postage rates

Stamps are available at all post offices, newstands, and tobacconists. Take advantage of the practical prepaid postage evelopes. Don't forget that the required postage depends on the weight and destination of the letter. To make sure your letters receive first-class service, they should be marked Lettre. For airmail delivery of a letter weighing 20 grams or less, write Par Avion on the face and affix postage:

France 0.56€
European Union 0.70€
United States and Canada 0.85€
Australia and New Zealand 0.85€

Sending parcels overseas

The easiest way to send overseas parcels is with ready-to-post packaging, whose price includes packaging and postage. You only need to drop it in a letter box. Parcels take one to four days to arrive.

For more information visit the website of La Poste, the French postal service.