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Getting Around Paris

Getting around Paris

Paris proper is a compact city, no more than six kilometers across at its widest point (less than four miles). Walking is therefore a reasonable way to travel to many destinations. And when heading across town, or when "tourist fatigue" has taken over, there are a host of public and private transportation options.

Public transport

The Paris subway system, called the métro, is one of the wonders of the city, part of its folklore, and a tourist attraction in its own right. It can whisk you across town in minutes, in safety and comfort, for just over one Euro.

The first métro passengers boarded a century ago, in 1900. Today, no matter where you are in Paris, there's a métro station within 500 meters. And for seeing the sights while you travel, the Paris buses are inexpensive and easy-to-use. Here's more information about public transport in Paris.

Paris taxis

If you have an appointment to keep (with an airplane, perhaps?), or you prefer to travel in privacy, then a taxi is a good choice. Ask the concierge of your hotel to reserve one in advance, or, if your schedule permits, hail one on the street. There are over 14,000 taxis in Paris, but like big cities everywhere, when it rains they all disappear!

Find out more about Paris taxis here.

Using a rental car

The convenient public transportation options, combined with the heavy traffic of a large international capital, make the use of a rental car ill-advised. You might outpace the bus, perhaps even the métro, but once there you'll have difficulty finding parking!

But if you choose to drive, perhaps to venture outside of Paris, then be sure to look over our information on renting and driving a car.

Airport ground transport

If you need transportation between Paris and the airports, see Arriving in Paris, or Departing Paris, or Paris Shuttle.